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Recycling metal since 1975!

If you are looking to recycle your scrap metal, we would like the opportunity to be of service.  You will find that our yards are very clean and easy to get in and out of for your convenience.  We purchase large quantities of iron, tin, copper, brass, aluminum and nickel (stainless and monel). 

In addition to recycling scrap metal, we buy and sell large quantities of pipe, casing and rods.

Call today for the latest pricing: (325) 573-6862.

Click on our Services link to see the other services we provide.  In addition to simply buying scrap metal, we also provide roll-off containers as well as onsite demolition and clean up.


Click on the links above to see the commodities we have available for sale.  Ferrous and nonferrous products are sorted and processed to meet the various requirements of the buyers.  We do have rail service as well as a fleet of trucks to get the products to your facility.  So if you are needing products shipped to your facility via rail or truck, we can easily accommodate that request.

Recycle Scrap Metal

Roll-off Containers

Pipe & Tubing

Onsite Clean Up

ISN Member and RAVS  Plus Participant

Nonrepairable  Vehicle Title Application

(Scrapping a car with no title)